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B.O.W. aka Raymond Ebanks:

Born in London, grew up in Finland
Dad is Jamaican, mom Finnish
One of the pioneers of Hip Hop in Finland, since the mid 80's.
Used to be in various underground hip-hop bands
First studio stuff from 1994. After that various record projects, like Soup de Loop, before Bomfunk Mc's.

Dj Gismo aka Ismo Lappalainen

Originally from Kokkola, has been living in Turku for 5 years
Debuted as DJ at the age of 15, playing mostly house and techno
Dedicated record collector: collects mostly soul, funk, groove and hip hop.                                                                   
Deeply rooted in the Turku club scene, DJing at places such as Funky Kitchen and Opera.

Ari Toikka aka A.T.

Age: 32
Started to play drums when he was 10 years old
First instrument was piano at age 7 and then classical guitar which he studied for 8 years
Works also as a studio engineer and producer
Has made over 3000 gigs
Has played in over 50 recordings

Has worked at cemetery too
Cymbals: Paiste 2002, dimensions, Electric drums: Roland, Drums: Ludwig and Premier



Ville Makinen aka Mr. Villy

Bass/keyboard player
Age: 27
First started to play guitar when he was 7 years old

Now the main instrument is bass which he has been playing for nine years
Also well known as breakbeat and funk DJ
Member of breakbeat duo Supervillains
Many other projects and bands
Has studied classical music and double bass
Played as a studio musician in several bands
Has worked as a hospital assistant too
Bass: Washburn, AMP: Ampeg, Keyboard: Micro Moog,     accessvirus Indigo




B-Boys & B-Girls:

Always when Bomfunk MC's perform on stage they have their own regular break dance crew with them. The members of the crew are T-Flo a.k.a Taija Hinkkanen, Niro a.ka. Janne Ratinen and Wartecs a.k.a Mikko Björk. These food workers are the part of the popular Finnish Savage Feed break dance family. Other known members from the crew are b-boys: Lil'p, D'Maestre, Jaylo, Elastinen (Fintelligens) and Uniikki (Kapasiteettiyksikkö).

In the beginning crew's first name was Illmatic-crew. The official Savage Feed was founded over 4 years ago. On the stage the crew present own style and the street culture of break dance. Naturally they also develop something new all the time. Every performance is some kind of journey to fantasies of break dance world.


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