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Thursday, January 23, 2003




Has Gismo really left the band?


Somebody said in the Findance Forum that Ismo Lappalainen, DJ Gismo would leave the band in the nearly future. The new has appeared on tv. We, all the fans are so affected and socked…Gismo please, don´t go!

Somebody said that Gismo didn´t do nothing in Bomfunk MC’s, it´s not true, he’s the man who represents bomfunk MC’s together with B.O. DUBB, but maybe, that´s why JS16 has decided throw him out (I´m not sure). A duo called Skillsters is going to replace Gismo apparently, but anybody can replace Gismo!

New news said that Gismo is Going to leave the band cause B.O.Dubb and Gismo had different ideas about Bomfunk’s future…

If this hard new is true, I´m sure it is, Sonymusic will tell it to the rest of the world the day 16 of Semptember.





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26 August 2002

New video of Something Going On (Crack It) at the audio/video section!!!


Orignally there was a version of Something Going On (not the one you hear in the radio, the one in the album), which was going to be a single, but Bomfunk MC’s decided together with Sony Music to do another version called Crack It. This version was one of the songs of the Fifa World Football Cup Soundtrack album. The most part of the people thought that the new version was better than the original, so that’s why they decided that Something Going On (Crack It) was going to be the next single.



26 July 002

Something Going On Lyrics added !




New stuff!!! More than 10 wallpapers, icons...




New Live Your Life Video in the audio / video section!




Check out the new Bomfunk MC’s album ‘Burnin’ Sneakers’ in the audio / video section!



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