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Tuesday, July 22, 2003


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Beats And Styles feat. Toni W & B.O.Dubb: Dynamite

The new and amazing Beats and Styles creation Dynamite features B.O.Dubb in a extense rapping. B.O.Dubb of course appears in the video, which can be downloaded directly with the link that appears below. Toni W (main singer of Apulanta) is also featured in this song. It doesn´t appear, but Max’C is also singing in the song with his line Growing up like dynamite which he sings in the video.

The video main shows us a car competition race where Toni W and B.O.Dubb are the drivers, while Beats and Styles rock the crowd Djing. By the way, Toni W wins the race…

Video Download

* Bomfunk MC’s new single coming out in October, which will be called All Over Me.


LYL; On The Edge Remix. (Windows Media Player)


Live Your Life, On The Edge Mix.

A new single has been released in Germany. It is called “On The Edge Remix”. When you hear it, you might not notice a lot of change, but it has some guitars and a keyboard, even more cool sounds etc… The cover is the one that appears at your left, (the same as for the original Live Your Life). The original version had some censored words, as you may know, so, with this version you can hear them all! If you don´t know which words I am talking about, visit the lyrics section. The single includes the orginal track and some remixes. The video for the single is the same.

Click here to listen to the new Live Your Life On the Edge Remix.










Amazing News

Wow! This is a cool game to PlayStation that has Bomfunk MC’s like it’s characters! Here is some info! To get more info, just click here.

Firebugs. No nothing do with a clinical obsession with arson, but the collective name for a group of manga influenced futuristic racers on PS one. You can choose your speed-demon from the five Firebugs, including a big yellow robot or a streetwise DJ, each drawn in a funky anime style. Each 'bug drives a souped-up race vehicle personal to them, ranging from a lean, green bike and sidecar to a crab-like 4x4. Blast around out-of-this-world tracks in your hi-tech racer that clings to any surface like a magnet allowing you the thrill of racing on the tarmac, walls and ceiling (make sure you're wearing your seatbelt). Power-ups litter the track like... well, litter, allowing you access to advanced weapons and abilities such as an energy field that warps you up a position (from 3rd to 2nd for example) or a homing missile that targets the race leader. Challenge your opponents in three increasingly difficult leagues each featuring five race arenas including Droid Gardens and Ariel City. Win them all and you'll become the ultimate Firebug.

The difficulty level, the graffiti art graphics and pumping dance soundtrack from the Bomfunk MCs pushes Firebugs towards younger adrenaline junkies. But with the futuristic setting, gravity defying tracks, over-the-top weaponry Firebugs is an all-action racer that brings the MPH mayhem of games such as Wipeout Fusion and Rollcage to a whole new generation of mini-maniacs.

  • Funky Manga-style graphics and hi-energy soundtrack from the Bomfunk MCs
  • Choose from five Firebug racers, each with their own vehicle and personalised weaponry
  • Compete in three leagues across five worlds
  • Perfect for junior jet jockeys


I added some cool Bomfunk MC’s signatures. You only have to save them and then print them in a paper. You would have your own Bomfunk Autograph! Then add a cool commentary, like: To my favourite fan…

Opps! I forgot to say they are in the stuff section.



Click here to listen Bomfunk MC’s and Max’C singing Live Your Life in live at Helsinki




Check out the video for Back to Back, clicking in the link under the Back to Back Single Cover, or here. It’s really great!


New pics of the making off of the Bomfunk videos. To see them, clic on the name of the video you want to see.

There are a lot of pics!


1.- Something Goin’ On

2.- Live Your Life


Don´t forget to vote Bomfunk MC’s Super Electric for the best song of 2002 in Australia!

Sonymusic Australia




Streaming for Back to Back:


Real One Player

Windows Media Player


Streaming for Back to Back Video:

Windows Media Player:



Well, we have new news about Bomfunk’s Back to Back!


1.       Bomfunk has been nominated in a Nordic MTV program called Up North. You should vote if you’re a really Bomfunk MC’s fan! You can vote for them at this website.

2.       Back to Back international realease is dated on 28 January 2003 in Sweden. I don´t know for the other countries, because I only heard this to a friend… This seems a bit far, but the time runs fast.

3.       Back to Back remixes: Well, there are not going to be any remixes for this single, apparently is what it seems, because the single is being realeased soon and there are no news about remixers for this new single. But, what kind of maxi-cd is that, without remixes? They could at least, include the cool video, like in Super Electric or Something Going On. I think this was a failure… Live your life should contain it’s video in it’s maxi-cd and Something going on it’s own video in it’s own cd, but we can´t do nothing. I recommend to include de video of Back to Back, because it’s not included in the DVD version!


I couldn´t find a good video for you, so I upload to you some good pics of it. They have been researched by Chipmunk_159. You can see them here.


Ok, here is the new single, Back to Back (Skillsters Version) also known as Super Dope Remix or (Skillstersplusone Radio Mix)
Choose your player to hear it:



Windows Media Player

Real One Player


Check out the complete audio/video section to listen or watch more multimedia stuff.


I’ll soon update a link where you can see the video!




New Burnin’ Sneakers Special Edition

On the 11th day of November it’s being released the new Bomfunk MC’s album: Burnin’ Sneakers Special Edition. It will contain the new remixes of the singles Back to Back (Skillsters version, also known as Super Dope Remix) and Something Going On (Crack It), plus Pam Pam & It’s all In Your Mind. It will also contain the original tracks. How you would know, the first Burnin’ Sneakers, contained the original versions of Something Going On and Back to Back, not the singles that had been released, so this is good oportunity to have all the new Bomfunk Stuff in one Cd. And the other important thing is that the Special Edition will also contain the videos to all the new singles, except Back to Back.


Ok, here’s the tracklist!

Audio Disc :

1.       Super Electric (Original Version)

2.       Put Ya Hands Up (Album Version)

3.       Where's The Party At feat. Mighty 44

4.       Back To Back feat. Z-MC

5.       Rockin' With The Best

6.       Freak It On

7.       Throw I Back At Cha

8.       Live Your Life feat. Max'C

9.       Kingstep

10.   Something Going On feat. Jessica Folcker

11.   We R Atomic

12.   Steady Rockin'

13.   (Crack It) Something Going On

14.   Pam Pam

15.   It's All In Your Mind

16.   Super Electric (Fu-Tourist Remix)

17.   Live Your Life (C/L Bounce Remix)

18.   (Crack It) Something Going On (Beats'n'Styles Remix)

19.   Back To Back feat. Z-MC (Skillstersplusone Radio Mix)

DVD Disc :

1.       Super Electric

2.       Live Your Life

3.       (Crack It) Something Going On





New Back to Back version & video!



Bomfunk MC’s have been recording the next version of the single ‘Back to Back’, which features the new members of the band, the duo called Skillsters. “The lyrics are the same, but the melody changes a lot” sais one guy who has listened it on Radiomafia. There’s also a new video for Back to Back. The video has already been shot, but it’s being edited now, and it will take about a month to edit. It will be realesed in Christmas, this will be our present…. The video features B.O.Dubb and Z-MC in an MC battle. Of course, the video should have breakers in it (or something) and its rumoured that mighty 44 may make an appearance. When the video and the song are uploaded to internet, I´ll show them to you at this webpage.






New Burnin’ Sneakers Cover

Bomfunk MC’s are  working in a new cover for the upcoming USA album, also called Burnin’ Sneakers. The duo Skillsters, will appear in that cover. There’s no going to be any photo of DJ Gismo in the album, but it doesn´t mean that he hasn’t worked in the album, coz he has… The new album will contain the new version of Something Going On (Crack It), and also the new Back to Back (remixed by Skillsters), with the old Freestyler and Uprockin’ Beats. Unless it is what I read in October 2001 at the official Bomfunk MC’s webpage. When the new cover is done I´ll upload it to my website.


Other news (Gismo’s leave...) ...:::;;;All about Bomfunk MC's;;;:::...

Tell what do you think of the new Burnin’ Sneakers here        

Thanks to all Bomfunk MC’s fans







































































































































































































































































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