The new Finnish sensations, The Bomfunk MCs have suddenly become big from Manchester to Berlin. These rave-stylers of rock-beat have been storming the charts from with their smash hit single, 'Freestyler' - at 2.2 million, the biggest selling European single of the year 2000.
Bomfunk MC rapper B.O.W. (Brother of the words) and vinyl spinner DJ Gismo, have trawled the cultural waters of cool minimalism to produce - with Finnish dance genius JS 16 - a seemingly perfect blend of old school flava and wild pop tunes. This ain't quaint laid-back rock guitars and stolen chemical beats but a smeltdown of showbiz emotions that bitch and
scratch in mainstream hip-pop.
The Bomfunk MCs debut album 'In Stereo' has sold over 800,000 units in Europe alone since the beginning of the new Millennium. It catches the frenzy of mad house beat and great pop.
The early years of Master of Ceremonies B.O.W. sees the combination of a Finnish mamma and Jamaican pappa Ebanks. Born Raymond on the doorsteps of London, reared in the wild forests and ice-caps of Helsinki, the MC man is a disciple of international dance and underground hip-hop. B.O.W. hosts TV shows, spins the groove and takes time out to capture what's on. DJ Gismo,
aka Ismo Lappalainen, originally made his groove at 15 years in techno and house. His roots vary from kitchen-sink pop to the crasslands of opera. Gismo lays great faith in "da reggae" and is not too embarrassed to own up to grooving on 70's funk. Blonde dreadlocks match this man's Scandinavian inner folklore.

Together, as The Bomfunk MCs they've been slamming their aurora-borealis beat in an adventurous and original way, with thanks also to the influence of producer JS16 (Jaakko Salovaara) whose industrial metal hymns spin-cycle the songs in full machine mode. This has helped The Bomfunks to create cheerful, friendly rackets of pop-tinsel.

The Bomfunks place absolute emphasis on getting the mixes right for a blend of funky beats and uptown cool. The DJ's spin in a web of e-know-how and e-know-why, operating at a global level of assuredness of where its at. These Finn-suits are motoring west baggaged with unconscious yet self-obsessed songs. For The Bomfunks stare you in the face with their hard blend of hypnotic sounds and emotional rescues. Their video debut is the international single "Freestyler", which features a mini-homeboy in dreads whose MiniDisc player overtakes his mind and becomes a strange icon of modern-living along the way.

The single, 'Freestyler' has proved irresistible to kids all over the globe, slamming itself into the No.1 position around the charts of 12 countries - from New Zealand to Norway, from Australia to Austria. The London charts bombed to the funk as the lads reached No.2 on the singles chart with one of the Top 10 best-sellers of the year.

The BMCs are geared to attract audiences enthused in pop-trash and hip-invention. It's about life, laughs and spills. The album, 'In Stereo' pays homage to a down-at-heel industrial funk crossfired by samples and radio friendly themes. MC B.O.W. and DJ Gismo don't aim at reworking. It's more about the tease and then the punch, riding the wave to sweep a pure melody and a skank all rolled into one.

So how come a bunch of chums can cut the rhythm from inside a fridge such as Finland? No worry! There is an e-world of change coming from Bomfunk. The master MC, renaissance man, shoots the line - " The WORLD is an e-mode culture and we are able to reach out and be accessible to our fan-base. It's more about progression than revolution.

Bomfunk's curious electro-noise is the national anthem for Finland's MC boys. Hardcore, softcore, chill-out twangs and futuristic waves mingle with the electronics from an aladdin's cave of dance. Take the BMCs 2nd international single, 'Uprocking Beats'. It gave the right to instantly access pop nirvana and party-time.

Away from home-turf The Bomfunk MC's are now their country's new ambassadors, going platinum and stealing a whole host of awards across several continents. VIVA Germany, TMF Holland, M6 France and now the ultimate accolade - on November 16th in Stockholm the Bomfunk MCs sole-represented the Nordic world at the MTV Europe Awards, performing
"Freestyler" and hold nominations in two categories including "Best New Act" & "Best Nordic Act" - ahead of many a more-hyped name. The Bomfunk guys walked away from the stage with "Best Nordic Act" Awards!

After that these new Vikings aim to flood the shores of the Americas as their ancestors did before them but this time not with high horned-helmets and longships but with their freestyle beat and breakbeat grooves. So, watch out ! Bomfunk MCs can seriously damage your vibes! Their delicious rhythms and naughty beats spread like wildfire throughout your system. Your immune properties will not stand still until you've been well and truly BOMFUNKED !

The brand new single Super Electric is out now. The new album is due in stores April 2002